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Be ready: Tam prepares emergency, natural disaster readiness

Be ready: Tam prepares emergency, natural disaster readiness

By Elisa Cobb February 16, 2023
The Tamalpais High School front desk received a phone call issuing a bomb threat on Nov. 30, 2022. Students were directed to evacuate to the football field to receive further instruction.
Black History Month 2023 At Tam

Black History Month 2023 At Tam

By Colette Hale January 5, 2023
Black History Month has been a prominent, nationwide event ever since former President Gerald Ford officially recognized it in 1976. The month is intended to celebrate and honor the contributions and legacy of Black Americans across the U.S. 
Graphic by Anika Kaplan

Yerba Mate: Tam’s Drink

By Emma Pearson September 29, 2022
For some it’s a hot latte, for others it's a cool glass of lemonade, but there is only one drink that is enough of a delicacy to satisfy the refined palettes of Tamalpais High School students: the Yerba Mate.

A Guide To Wellness

By Shaina Mandala September 29, 2022
Last year, The Tam News published an article about Tamalpais High School’s Wellness Center to bring attention to its presence and briefly cover the resources it provides. However, the resources that Wellness provides are more extensive than the last article suggested and deserve an article of their own.
Gender-neutral bathroom outside Ruby Gym courtesy of Nathan Robinson

New Gender-Neutral Bathrooms at Tam

By Lauren Felder September 29, 2022
Tamalpais High School announced the re-assignment of four gender-neutral bathrooms via a map in the leadership slideshow on Aug. 26.
Courtesy of Michael Lovejoy

Lovejoy and CTE students produce One-Act for the spring festival

By Naomi Lenchner June 7, 2022
In collaboration with the Tam Conservatory Theater Ensemble, Michael Lovejoy's class performs a play within the One-Act Festival.
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