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The Obsession with Social Media

The Obsession with Social Media

By Megan Butt

February 14, 2015

Senior Russell Wirth looked down at his phone which displayed a photo he had just posted on Instagram. The photo showed Wirth and his family river rafting on vacation, and he had decided to share it so his friends could see what he had done over the break. He had spent some time editing the photo and...

Ticket to a Better Night’s Sleep

Ticket to a Better Night's Sleep

By Devon Stoeber

October 23, 2014

“Nights when I can’t fall asleep typically end with me laying in bed for hours on my phone or tossing and turning,” senior Taryn Varnes said. “Every hour I’m in bed still awake I find myself counting the hours I could sleep if I went to bed in that moment.” Varnes is not alone when it comes to...

“Eraser Law” Will Change Social Media for Teens

By Haydn Wall

October 29, 2013

A new bill known as the “Eraser Law” was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on September 23. The bill, SB 568, will act as an online eraser for minors, allowing them to permanently delete any social media posts. This law aims to protect minors from the long-term effects of poor decisions regarding...

Some janky slang definitions for ya’ll uncultured peeps

Some janky slang definitions for ya’ll uncultured peeps

March 10, 2011

It must be tough to be the parent of a teenager nowadays. When kids don’t have their faces pressed up against an illuminated screen and instead actually take the time to talk to their parents, it seems like they’re speaking  in a whole new language. It’s the language of school hallways and ha...