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Early Cobb: The Story Behind a Friendly Habit

Early Cobb: The Story Behind a Friendly Habit

By Chris Yip, Chris Yip, and Chris Yip

November 27, 2012

No one says hello like Early Cobb III, a senior famous for greeting friends and acquaintances every time one passes him by. “It started in 8th grade,” Cobb said, who remembers hearing at a parent meeting that repetition will become habit over time. “I wanted to see if that was true.” One ...

Hit FOX series “Bones” returns for a sucessful season 7

Hit FOX series

By Christopher Yip

November 3, 2011

Fox’s hit series, Bones, continued with its seventh season on November 3 in its signature fashion. The first scene opened with a group of armor-clad men rushing through the forest in an intense game of paintball. A lone player diverges from his squad in an attempt to flank his opponents. He charges up...