Tam students participate in Bay to Breakers

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Tam students participate in Bay to Breakers

Despite a forecast predicting rain, thunder, and hail, over 55,000 people turned out for the 100th annual Bay to Breakers in San Francisco on Sunday, May 15. Sprinkled throughout this crowd was an abundance of Tam students dressed in neon leggings, goofy hats, and tutus.

The race course begins a few blocks from San Francisco Bay and stretches just over seven miles long, concluding at Ocean Beach’s breakers. Each year participants walk, run or hobble the race, dressed in costumes. However, the race is famous for the brave few who strip down to nothing to complete their version of the race, Bare to Breakers.

Trailing behind the more serious competitors is a massive group of people who instead choose to walk it for fun. This is where the bulk of Tam students tend to be.

“I was just really excited to see the massive amounts of people, from serious runners to people who could barely walk. Everything was just so fun to see and take in,” said sophomore McCall Hoyt.

In the past, Bay to Breakers has been called a seven mile party at seven in the morning.

This year, it was publicized that race organizers would be enforcing more serious policies to prevent public urination and drunkenness. While drinking was not completely eliminated, it seemed to be more concealed given the amount of police officers in attendance.

Junior Harry Spilman attended the race both this year and last year, and reported that although “the security and zero tolerance was rumored to be stricter this year, [it] didn’t change much. [There was] drinking and alcohol all around. But there were less parties on the side of the road, probably because of the security.”

In addition to a crackdown on alcohol consumption and public urination, Bay to Breakers officials attempted to cut down the number of unregistered participants who completed the race. According to race spokeswoman Stephanie Reichin, “Fewer people came through the finish line at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach without bibs compared to previous years.” However, Tam students found that it was not difficult to sneak in and complete the race without registering, “There wasn’t very much trouble getting in, whether you registered or not,” said Hoyt.

Junior Lily Goldman said of her first Bay to Breakers, “It was a crazy event and it was really great to see other Tam kids…there amongst the wild costumes and interesting characters that were gathered for an annual San Francisco [event].”


Written by Maggie Whalen.  This article originally appeared in the June 2011 issue.