Why Taco Bell?

By Kenny Rosenberg


Taco Bell/KFC Mill Valley

With so many delicious options for lunch surrounding Tam’s campus, students often find themselves asking, how on earth am I eating at Taco Bell for the third time this week? The answer is simple – it’s cheap, quick, and delicious. However, it is also famous for being extremely unhealthy, sickening, and full of the cheapest, most grimy ingredients. After further examination of why people voluntarily eat at T-Bell, you might be surprised at some of the reasons they came up with.

“I think underclassmen go to Taco Bell so much because it gives the freshmen an excuse to skip PE swimming, because we feel sick,” freshman Alexandra Deane said. “I would only go to Taco Bell if they sold bubble tea.”

Underclassmen, often job-less and car-less, are forced to select from a small number of choices due to their tight budget and small distance they can cover at lunchtime. So, naturally, they gravitate towards the convenient, affordable haven that is Taco Bell. Additionally, the food tastes great, no matter how unhealthy. And according to sophomore Izzy Parlamis, “The new Doritos Locos Tacos rock!”

Junior Angelo DeLorenzi described it all perfectly, “[The underclassmen go to Taco Bell] because they are ratchet and don’t know any better. Also they don’t really have the means of transportation necessary for pursuing the other food options.” Now despite the car and money barrier, you would think at some point that the freshman class would realize their wrongdoing and avoid giving in to Taco Bell’s seemingly gravitational pull. You thought correctly. Freshman Ali Al Hakim provided an alternative, “We usually eat at TamalPie because it’s cheap, 5 dollars for a big slice plus a drink with refills,” he explained. With Safeway and TamalPie providing monetarily friendly options, it attracts business away from Taco Bell. However, many students who may consider venturing out to the further, more expensive options (Super Duper, Joe’s Taco Lounge, etc.) end up stopping short because of A) the spicy aroma drifting from Taco Bell, and B) the strenuous walk ahead of them.

As for the upperclassmen, many do have their own cars, making it easy to escape the temptations of the savory CrunchWrap Supreme. “I’d rather go without eating,” said senior Daniela Hunt.

In the end, Taco Bell is a spot for those truly in desperation. No money, no car, no problem. To all you freshmen out there, Live Mas!