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Semester Reviews & Previews

Fall Semester in Review:

Boys Varsity Football

The boys varsity football team ended their regular season with a 5-5 record.
“Two standout moments were actually both against Terra Linda,” said coach Kevin Goyer. “The first is when Brian Scott intercepted a pass and returned it 30 plus yards for a touchdown.  The second moment is when Graeme Black kicked a 46-yard field goal.  It was a great kick that probably would have been good from 55 yards out.”

Boys Varsity Water Polo

Boys varsity water polo coach Robert Kustel said their season was “My best team in nine years at Tam.” The team finished 17-5 and 3rd in MCALs in addition to finishing in the ninth seed in the NCS championships. “The team chemistry is strong and every single player on the team is chill,” said co-captain Brennan Latimer. “We are big, talented and play as a team, which is one of the reasons why we had a particularly successful season this year.”

Girls Varsity Water Polo

Finishing their season with a 19-7 record, the girls varsity water polo team placed 3rd in MCALs and finished in the 8th seed for their NCS division.
The team gained their team spirit during a game against Berkeley High.  At the end of the first quarter it was 4-0, for Berkeley. “As the team began the quarter break, everyone knew we were not playing to our potential,” said coach Brandon Williams. “It was at that moment where the whole team flipped the switch on, and decided that they were not going to let the game continue like this. We ended up winning 11-4.”
The teams good vibe has really helped out this year. “We’re pretty much a family,” said team captain Emma Ellison. “Most of us hang out with each other, and since practice takes up a majority of day, we’re always together. We know each others’ strengths and weaknesses, and it really helps in the pool.”

Spring Semester Previews:

Girls Basketball

Last year, the girls varsity basketball team finished with a 12-14 record, which they hope to surpass this year. The team is facing some key challenges, one being that there are only six returning players. “Our goal is to make it to the MCAL championships at the least,” said team captain Jenna May, a junior.
But these goals will take a lot of work to reach. “The team has a tremendous amount of work to put in to raise the level of our game individually and collectively,” said head coach Michael Evans. “It takes talent, but also mental toughness, leadership, team chemistry, and a little bit of luck along the way.”
The team also hopes to work together better than last year. “Last year, we weren’t all the best of friends and most of us didn’t acknowledge others at school,” said May. “There was constant drama on and off the court, but this year we all hang out and there is finally great chemistry on the team.”

Boys Basketball

The boys varsity basketball team made it to NCS for the first time in eight years in the 09-10 season, a hard season to live up to.
“We have a very young team, but despite only having four returning players, we have high expectations for ourselves, ” said head coach Alex Pribble. They also face a height problem, as senior and team captain Frankie Stornaiuolo points out. “We need to work on rebounding this season because we are [short].” he said. However he still is hopeful for the season, saying,  “We’ve become more of a family, which is going to take our team a long way.”


Although they have just begun their season, the co-ed wrestling team has been training hard. “It’s crazy,” said sophomore Jonah Amargi-Levy. “Wrestling conditioning makes other sports teams’ conditioning look like elementary school recess.” This lesser known team looks to improve over last year’s performance.

Written by Wesley Emblidge and Kristina Willis. This article originally appeared in the January 2011.