2 thoughts on “Can You Be Sexist Towards Men?”

  1. Another feminist rant by more idiots who actually believe this bullshit. Seriously “This is NOT a society being sexist towards men, but rather the result of internalized misogyny and sexism towards women”?! Oh yes, women are so oppressed in the USA and in society! If you are being oppressed than explain why you have a job publishing bullshit articles and pictures about fake news and “facts”. And furthe-wait, hold on? I have privilege!? I can just get free stuff and an automatically better life because I am a male?! Let me just go to Google and ask for a job real quick. Also, saying that people can’t be sexist towards men is seriously fucked up, that’s like saying that men can’t say that they are being raped because only women can be raped, it’s bullshit! You have every right to say whatever you want as a human being, even though it is very wrong, and since I am allowing you your basic human rights (So privileged) then you should show me the same respect and not delete this comment, and if you do this will prove the fact that all feminists are like this.

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