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Girl Code

Girl Code

Kavi Dolasia and Kavi Dolasia

June 3, 2017

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When freshman Siena Romito first walked into Computer Programming 1-2, she was met by a sea of fresh-faced, eager-to-learn boys, and two other girls. In the coming weeks, both of the other girls would transfer out, leaving Romito as the sole female in the class. “It was a lot of different things coming...

New Computer Science Teacher Defies Stereotypes

New Computer Science Teacher Defies Stereotypes

Franny Kiles

September 21, 2015

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Kelly Kennedy, the new computer science and math teacher, disproves stereotypes that claim engineering and computer science are fields solely meant for men. As another school year begins, she enters the community as a role model for girls who are contemplating careers in technology. Kennedy was certainly...

Dennis Ritchie, computer scientist, dies at 70

Dennis Ritchie, computer scientist, dies at 70

Chris Henn

October 31, 2011

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The recent death of Steve Jobs has brought to attention the enormous impact of Apple’s technology on our lives. But Jobs wasn’t the only tech innovator to pass away this week. Dennis Ritchie, an unfamiliar name to many, died on October 8 after suffering from heart disease and prostate cancer. Even though most haven’t heard of R...

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