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Humans of Tam: Social Media Doesn’t Hurt

Humans of Tam: Social Media Doesn’t Hurt

December 11, 2018

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Okay.   I would say that social media is underutilized. I feel like a lot of kids nowadays just use it for posting pictures of themselves Juuling, or vaping, or drinking with friends, just a lot of dumb stuff.   But I see social media as something more than that. Social media for me is a platfo...

EDITORIAL: The Vicious Cycle

June 5, 2017

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Casual followers of the news could be forgiven for thinking that Donald Trump’s 3 a.m. tweets were the most important event of the day. But with this evaluation, they’d be forgetting three separate famines, insurrection in Turkey, a civil war in South Sudan, and a new charter for Hamas, just to name ...

“Sex Sells”: Women in the Media

“Sex Sells”: Women in the Media

Maddie Elias

June 7, 2013

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The other day I was flipping through a magazine, a little irritated by the sheer number of ads, which seemed to take up half the publication. But as I skimmed the pages, I noticed a pattern in them. An ad for a Gucci perfume showed a naked woman staring seductively at the camera, while a naked man lay...