Humans of Tam: Social Media Doesn’t Hurt




I would say that social media is underutilized. I feel like a lot of kids nowadays just use it for posting pictures of themselves Juuling, or vaping, or drinking with friends, just a lot of dumb stuff.


But I see social media as something more than that. Social media for me is a platform where I can freely express my thoughts.


For The Tam News, I feel like social media is also underutilized because they’re not getting the right outreach, there is only a website and there’s a printed publication, but I would say at least 70 percent of kids aren’t even utilizing that.


What I do on social media is I share my free thoughts and express how I feel to a large amount of people, and because I do that to a large amount of people, they feel a little bit—because I’m sharing my thoughts freely, a lot of people can relate with them and realize that they’re not alone on this journey, and while I never intended it to become a business, it has, and I’ve been able to support myself and my family very well.