Church Sign Painted Over

Church Sign Painted Over

By Sarah Asch

The well known sign outside the Tamalpais United Methodist Church across from Mill Valley Middle School appeared to have been vandalized at some point between when Pastor Kim Smith left the church on May 3 at 2 p.m., and the morning of May 4. At the time, the church sign read, “Jesus had two dads and he turned out fine.”

“Someone painted [what] looks like spray paint over the words ‘two dads’ and ‘church’ on the sign,” Smith said. “One of the church staff members saw it this morning about 10 a.m. when he came to work.  He called the police and they had already opened a file on it, so it was obviously seen earlier.”

While the church has no idea who defaced the sign, Smith has had others reach out to express their opinion on the sign as well. “We have had two responses to the sign that were more critical or upset, one via email and one on Facebook. Both seemed genuine and I doubt if those people have anything to do with this,” she said. “After all, they were willing to make their viewpoints publically.”

Senior Josh Kim was disappointed to learn that the sign had been painted over. “A lot of people aren’t very tolerant when it comes issues like this. It might have been a joke that some dumb kids pulled for no other reason than ‘It’s funny,’ but it sucks either way,” Kim said. “I’m glad that our local church is so accepting, and I hope that others will follow suit….I think the church should continue their message of love and acceptance.”

According to Smith, the church intends to do just that, and the next Sunday service on May 10 is going to focus on the sign and what it means to the congregation. She says she hopes that whoever did this will come and talk to her about it. “I’d love to meet the person(s) who did this,” Smith said. “Invite them to talk. To worship together.  To pray together.  And listen, deeply listen, to one another.  And move on.”