Two-Semester Graphic Design Canceled


By Tandis Shoushtary

Due to a lack of enrollment, Tam Administration was forced to cancel its 2015 fall graphic design course. “Only eight people signed up, which is not enough people for a class,” said Fine Arts teacher Zach Gilmour. “There is still going to be a graphic design class next year but it will only be an art exploration course: Art Ex in the fall and graphic design in the spring.” Gilmour said.

This year, Gilmour piloted the class in both spring semester and two-semester format,  with the expectation that students could then move on to advanced graphic design course the following year. “I think it has the potential to grow into a really great class, it’s just in it’s growing pains right now,” Gilmour said.

“I would have continued taking graphic design next year instead of AP Art, if it was offered,” said junior Bridget Reid, who is currently enrolled in the class. “I love the open projects and [creative] freedom of the class.” Gilmour feels that students passionate about graphic design should continue to have the opportunity to take the course. “I’m working to find a [detour] to make it possible for those eight students to still take the class,” Gilmour said.