Chloe Jacobs Leads Tam Softball Into Playoffs


By Anthony Mazzini

The Tam softball program has developed many stellar softball players over the past couple of years. Collegiate players such as Rebecca Fong and Aria Pogni played a large role in Tam’s winning run to the North Coast Section (NCS) championship last year. This year the team is striving to repeat their success under the leadership of senior captain Chloe Jacobs. Among the few seniors on the team, Jacobs has the most experience.
“I started playing softball when I was in kindergarten,” Jacobs said. “My dad signed me up and coached my first team, the Phillies.” Jacobs not only got an early start ahead of her rivals but immediately became familiar with success. “That team [The Phillies] made it to the championship that year. I think that was important for my career because I realized how much I love competition, especially winning,” she said.
Now as a member of the Tam softball team, Jacobs has been working hard to develop as one the premier players in the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL). Not only does she take pride in her own performance, but Tam’s captain is also a team-first player.
“I wouldn’t want to represent any other team on the field,” Jacobs said. “I love playing for Tam… We are one giant family who all love kicking butt together. I’ve made friends for life. Every game through the ups and downs is fun to play. ”
Jacobs has shared many memorable moments with the team as well. “Winning the NCS championship against Terra Linda was the highlight of my career, possibly life,” Jacobs said. “It felt extra special because we made school history as the first softball team to ever win NCS for Tam. Starting off with a rough beginning to the season and then all the way to champs. Beating an MCAL rival Terra Linda for the championship was the icing on the cake. I can’t actually remember winning because I just blacked out with adrenaline and happiness.”
Now that the it’s her last season playing for Tam, Jacobs is completely focused on winning the NCS title again. The team has played well so far and Jacobs believes it’s important that they keep their goals in mind. “We’re working on staying competitive with other teams,” Jacobs said. “It’s not really a secret we had a big gap in our hitting this year. My goal as a captain this year was to just play some great games and work hard. You can never go back and work harder, and once you step across the chalk you better be prepared to give 100 percent of your energy, focus, and heart to the game.”
Jacobs shares a passion for the game with her teammates and fights for her team to overcome adversity. “For some reason the Tam softball team is cursed and we have had players left and right get concussions, broken bones, viral meningitis and other injuries,” Jacobs said. “The whole team has stepped up on numerous occasions to fill shoes that needed to be filled, and I’m really proud of that. Especially when I broke my middle finger on my throwing hand for the third time and was moved to outfield. Catalina Lane, a freshman, played great at short until I was recovered. I have full faith in her to be the leader of the infield next year.”
Jacobs hopes to keep her competitive softball career going has she has been recruited by schools with top-tier softball programs. “I received a few offers from colleges over the summer and in the fall from University of Hawaii-Hilo, Puget Sound, and Western Washington but its hard to get recruited with a pretty badly messed up finger,” Jacobs said. Even though her finger has affected her recruiting process, Jacobs is still driven to compete at the highest level of college softball. “I plan on walking on to Division I softball at Colorado State. My goal is to work my butt off the next year or two and hopefully work my way up to a starting position.” She said