Antone’s East Coast Sub Shop: Ideal Location and Taste


By Piper Goeking

In the dog-eat-dog food scene of Miller Avenue, Antone’s East Coast Sub Shop has opened its take-out windows at 558 Miller Ave.  A minute walk down the street from the arches, Antone’s is a strong contender to make it on the ave due to its ideal location, quick and friendly service, and its hardy (though slightly pricey) sandwiches made homestyle, “mama’s way.”

Antone’s offers six eight-inch sandwiches: Italian, Tuna Homemade, Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham, and Veggie all on white rolls.  All sandwiches come with mayo, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, green peppers, Antone’s “secret sauce,” and the option of “Giant Pickles” for an extra $2.00.  Though the menu could be deemed limited, it completes the charming, simple feel of a restaurant true to its identity as a standalone sub shop.  The menu could also be considered a bit hard on the pocketbook of the average student, each sandwich costing $7.99 (with the exception of the Veggie at $6.99) compared to Safeway’s classic sandwiches at $5.99.

Two friends and I arrived at Antone’s about five minutes into lunch on a Friday.  The shop has a similar feel to that of a food truck, you don’t even step inside: ordering and paying is done right on the sidewalk.  Second in line at the order window, we could see just two people running the place: one taking orders, the other making the sandwiches.  This added to the personal, home cooked feel of Antone’s without at all detracting from the quick service; the time from ordering three sandwiches at the right window to ordering the chips ($1.50), drink ($2.00), and paying and picking up at the left window was five minutes.  The lunchtime excursion took a total of eight minutes.

I was a bit skeptical when I unwrapped the first four inches of my veggie sandwich; it was packed with all the aforementioned ingredients, and I wasn’t sure how the flavors would taste together to justify my $6.99 purchase.  Fortunately, my worries were unfounded.  The pickles and chopped peppers gave a punch to the cheddar cheese and bread, while the thin sliced tomatoes and mayonnaise sweetened the sandwich.  The creamy secret sauce added a unique flavor that set it apart from the sandwiches I throw together in my own kitchen. Along with the barbeque chips and Snapple, the meal felt like a picnic and completely filled me up; just what I needed to finish the day after a rushed, small breakfast that morning.

I give Antone’s East Coast Sub Shop a four out of five stars.  Open Monday through Friday from 10:00-5 P.M., Antone’s East Coast Sub Shop is geared toward student patronage, and though a bit hard on the wallet is perfect for a filling, classic sub sandwich.