Varsity Boys’ Tennis vs. Redwood

Tam played against Novato this Thursday, March 31st. With a 14-1 overall winning streak under their belt and a 11-0 in the league. The Varsity boys team is looking at a pretty nice season at this point. Coach Bill  Washauer has these boys winning.

The way they determine who wins is based on the number of individual matches won. They play 9 matches per tournament, an odd number so their can always be a determined winner.

   With five singles matches and three matches in doubles. They start off with two doubles and three singles matches in the first set of matches.

     Coach Washauer has been playing tennis since he was eight years old and been Coaching here since the girls 2006-07 season. He also Coached basketball and soccer. “I coached basketball in the city.” Washauer says. The coach also expressed his feelings on the season so far. “Unfortunately this year the league is not very strong.”

     Wade Meckly, a sophomore commented, “As a newcomer to this team I haven’t had the chance to be with Tam tennis, but it’s a good program and I’m happy heading into MCALs.” He wins his first match 6-0,6-0.  Junior, Cole Boscoe who has been with the team for three seasons commented “ The energy was good and it was a fun match” and also commented on their competition this season. “ Their hasn’t been much competition but the NCS matches have been good. I think the only one we lost was at the beginning of the year.”

Ending the matches with a 9-0 win to add to their wins and with not a lot of competition this year in the league the Boy’s Varsity Tennis team has a straight shot to MCAL which will begin after they play Redwood on Monday April 4th. Till then the winning streak has made them proud despite the lack of strength in the league