Varsity football team loses homecoming game to Novato

Tam’s varsity football team could not overcome Novato’s defense in the homecoming football game on October 9 against Novato High School. It resulted in a 21-6 loss for Tam. Within the first fifteen seconds, Novato scored a touchdown on a 94-yard run, establishing their dominance in the game and going into half time with a score of 14-0 lead.

Novato scored a third touchdown in the third quarter and kept Tam at bay. However, with only 2 minutes and 54 seconds left in the third quarter, Tam sophomore John Finklestein scored a 3-yard rushing touchdown following a 30-yard halfback pass from senior Brian Scott to sophomore Haynes Stephens. The remainder of the game was a stalemate.

In the past three games, Tam (3-3 overall, 0-3 MCAL) has scored only six points. Of the Novato game, junior Graeme Black said, “We didn’t really have a plan in place that took into account our strengths against their strengths, so we’ve been working on a lot of plays.” Tam’s 17 person roster, in comparison to Novato’s 37-person roster, also contributed to their loss as five membersof the team were unable to play due to injury.

“The injuries have affected us pretty badly because it shifts all of our players to play unfamiliar positions,” said junior Mac Huffman. “It brings the numbers on the team down so everyone gets more tired quickly then everyone is more vulnerable to injuries.” Unfortunately, Tam had an injury during the homecoming game, Huffman seperated his shoulder around halftime of the game. Despite the loss, there was not a seat to spare in the Tam stands and the air resounded with cowbells, vuvuzuelas, and the murmuring of fans. However, Tam fans enthusiasm seemed to be lacking. “We could have been a lot more spirited. Everyone came in expecting to lose,” said junior Isabel Janetos.

The homecoming game was followed by Tam’s first ever powder puff football game (see page 13), coached by captains of Tam varsity football junior Graeme Black and senior Brian Scott.

Written by Allie Knauer. This article originally appeared in the November 2010 issue.