Stoner Continues Career Speaker Series


By James Finn

The College and Career Center (CCC) has been hosting a Career Speaker Series, consisting of a succession of professionals from an array of fields speaking to student audiences at lunch about their professions. The series began on February 25 with a presentation by Kurt Jordan, an engineer for Oracle Racing, and will end on May 16 with a lecture by pediatrician Jeanette White.

College and Career Specialist Elizabeth Stoner said that the series was started with the goal of providing students with information and inspiration about careers they might potentially be interested in. “We spent a lot of time working on college in the first semester, and I really wanted to start the second semester [focusing] on careers,” Stoner said. “My experience finding my way into my career was actually meeting different people at different jobs and forming relationships. I thought also for Tam students, who tend to be really busy and probably can’t make it to one event [such as a career fair] it would probably be better to have a rolling series that kids could kind of show up to or not show up to.”

“It’s been eye opening to talk to specialists in their field and listen to how their job works and why they pursued that career,” Career Speaker Series attendee and junior Gwen Tosaris said. “I found it not only interesting but also mentally stimulating when asking questions about how their work has affected their life and what they’ve taken away from their jobs.”