Student Art to be Publicly Displayed


By Megan Butt

During the week of May 30, art teacher Zach Gilmour’s fifth period mixed levels drawing and painting class will be displaying their artwork in locations on and off campus. The project is meant to educate students about the different steps of visual art.

“The point [of this project] is to show the culminating skills [of students] and also to show that the other half of visual art is that someone else has to see it,” Gilmour said.

As a part of the assignment, the students will prepare their artwork for viewing, display it, and hold a viewing of their work. Students will create flyers or cards to invite others to their art viewings during tutorial or lunch periods. “I don’t necessarily know if the entire school realizes the amazing work that is being done in this room, so it’s a way to try and help the whole Tam community see the amazing work these students are doing,” Gilmour said.

The fifth period art students are required to complete two new pieces for their displays, and are encouraged to include previous works as well. “I really enjoy this project because it allows us to have a lot of freedom as artists to do what we enjoy personally as far as medium and subject,” junior Rio Quezada said.

The art will be up for a week and will be taken down during the week of June 6.