Girls varsity tennis team fights to win over Branson

The Tamalpais High School girls varsity tennis team beat Branson 7-2 on October 7 on the Branson courts. This was the second match they played against Branson on September 7, following a 5-4 victory here at Tam’s courts.

However the large margin of victory wasn’t due to Branson’s lack of skills, according to Tam students. But instead, there is a widespread consensus among Tam’s players that the tennis team played “much better” this year than they have in the past.

Junior Liza Brusman said, “We came out really pumped and ready to win. The energy level was really high.”

“We would have given up a lot more games,” said junior Isabel Janetos,“But we pulled through, and our consistency was really good on that day.” In long rallies they would be consistent in getting the ball, but they would make the first error. Giving Tam the point, and eventually the game.

The tennis team is now winning with 9-1 in the Marin County Athlectic Leagues (MCALs). Last year they won MCALs, and the team has confidence and determination that they will repeat. “Yes, I definitely think it will happen again,” said junior Schuyler Standley.

But the team really seems to get their success from teamwork. Coach Bill Washauer said “All my players are key.” Many of the players play additional tournaments outside of school, which contributes to the teams advanced skills.

Written by Elianna Cohen. This article originally appeared in the November 2010 issue.