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The Bowls Kids Love: The Best Ramen Joints In Town


Often considered a staple in our households, instant ramen is a meal that is readily made in less than three minutes and satisfies any and all hunger pains. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a savory broth coupled with delectable, sodium-enriched noodles? But for the times you are looking for a more authentic dining experience, packaged ramen may not be adequate. Fortunately, good ramen is readily available in the Bay Area.  We have compiled a list of  three of the best ramen joints within 15 miles to fulfill those everlasting noodle cravings.

Uchiwa Ramen

821 B St, San Rafael, CA

From Tam approximately 12 minutes by car and 40 – 50 minutes by bus

Uchiwa is the only restaurant in Marin County to specially cater to the ramen-eating crowd. The owners are very friendly and accommodating, always greeting their customers and asking for feedback on their dishes. Uchiwa Ramen offers a decent selection of broths, toppings, as well as delicious appetizers such as the Asian kale salad ($5.45-$8.45) and Uchiwa fries ($5.45). Customers select from various selections of broth ranging from tonkotsu (pork), vegetarian miso, shio (salt based), or shoyu (soy sauce based). The cost of a bowl ranges from $11.45-$12.45, which can increase based on type and amount of toppings. The broths are all rich in flavor, the noodles are al dente and do not get soggy, and the ambience is warm, authentic, and comfortable. There are also vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available at no additional cost.

Suzu Noodle House

1825 Post St, San Francisco, CA

From Tam approximately 23 minutes by car and 50 – 70 minutes by bus

Located in the esteemed Japantown, the cramped Suzu Noodle House is constantly bustling with tourists on the weekends. Due to the restaurant’s small size, be prepared to put your name on a waiting list; however, it is worth the wait. A standard bowl of ramen, which includes chicken and pork broth over noodles, green onion, bamboo shoots and tonkatsu (pork slices), can be as cheap as $8.95, but prices increase based on other assorted toppings such as butter corn, fish cakes, and additional tonkatsu. The portions are huge, so sharing is recommended. If you are looking for a decent bowl of ramen in Japantown, this is the place to go. Besides ramen, Suzu Noodle House also offers soba, udon, and small rice bowls topped with meat. From vegetable/shrimp tempura to gyoza to sashimi appetizers, any craving can be satisfied.

Slurp Ramen

710 Commercial St, San Francisco, CA Approximately 28 minutes by car and between an hour and 10 minutes and an hour and 40 minutes by bus

You might be thinking that a Japanese ramen noodle joint in Chinatown is somewhat perplexing, but Slurp Ramen defies any preconceptions.

The restaurant has a big personality but its location tucked into a tiny space can make it easy to miss. Be sure to keep your eyes wide open as you search the alleyways of Chinatown . When you finally stumble upon the place, you will be greeted by a friendly and helpful wait staff. The noodles offered are cooked al dente with a perfectly springy texture, and are offered in tonkotsu, shio, shoyu, or miso broths with your choice level of spiciness. They also offer a wide selection of Ramune (Japanese marble soda) flavors (original, strawberry, melon, and lychee all for $2.50) to accompany your mouthwatering bowl of ramen.

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