Girls’ Varsity Soccer Captain Injured in Game Collision

By Maddie Asch and Ethan Swope

Senior girls’ varsity soccer captain Izzy Reeves collided with a player from Justin Siena, sustaining a head injury during a game on February 1.

According to senior Addy Ball, a close friend and teammate of Reeves, who witnessed the collision, Reeves was taken to the emergency room at Marin General Hospital. Reeves was not diagnosed with a concussion, however she received three staples to close a head wound.

“I was about three feet from [Reeves] when it happened,” Ball said. “She and a player from Justin Siena collided heads while going up for a header. I ran over and thought the blood from her head was from the other player but then I saw it gushing out from just above her ear. I tried to remain calm so she wouldn’t freak out but the reactions of the [referee] and the other players to the blood was enough to scare her.”

Despite Ball’s initial shock, she quickly turned her focus to helping her teammate. “I put my hand to her head to put pressure on the wound and she sat down. We wanted to make sure she was relaxed but from where I was standing, right above her with her head in my hands, I could see the fear in her eyes. Bless her heart though, she was such a trooper. She kept telling me she was ok and that it didn’t hurt. I honestly was just trying to focus on keeping her head stable until the trainer got there,” Ball said.

“[I felt] like I was run over by a truck… [but] I feel fine now,” Reeves said. “Honestly, I had no idea it happened until Addy ran over to me. The hardest part was probably missing the rest of senior day.”