Target Opening in Marin City

By Nicole Anisgard Parra

Target, which will serve as the only grocery store in Marin City, is set to open in early March. It will be occupying the vacant building that housed Best Buy in the Gateway Shopping Center.

The new store will occupy a space of 48,500 square feet. Target officials stated that the store would have a “flexible format” that would cater specifically to the needs of the Marin City community.  

Residents are hopeful that the Target will increase foot traffic and attract other businesses to the shopping center, as well as offer over 100 new jobs to the area.

“I know they are trying to hire more locally [because] this store is for the community,” junior and Target employee Elise Stewart said. “That’s why [the store] is mainly clothes and groceries because those are things that [Marin City] doesn’t have or are not close by.”