David Rice Joins Administration Team

By Marina Furbush

At the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, Assistant Principal Brian Lynch was replaced by former Drake Assistant Principal David Rice, who previously worked at Tam as a social studies teacher. Lynch is now working as assistant principal at Redwood.


“Ultimately, the district office places Assistant Principals at sites,” Lynch said. “After four years at Tam, I let the district know that I was interested in a new challenge. Having worked with the current Redwood principal, David Sondheim, while a counselor at Drake, I was excited to once again work with him on his administrative team.”’

Brian Lynch worked as a counselor at Tam for seven years. He then worked as a counselor at Drake, and as a district summer school president. He became an assistant principal at Tam in 2012.


Rice worked at Tam for nine years before leaving in the fall of 2014 to take the role of assistant principal at Drake. He was the Associated Student Body co-director for four years, Yearbook Advisor for six years and Social Studies Teacher leader for one year.


“I love teaching and leaving the classroom was one of the most difficult things I have done in my professional career,” Rice said. “My hope is that I can have a positive influence on a larger scale and that’s why I made the transition.”


With the departure of Lynch, Tam’s administrative team consists of Assistant Principals Leah Herrera, Wendy Stratton and David Rice and Principal JC Farr. Rice and Farr are both new additions to the administrative team.

Lynch felt that the relative newness of the administrative team may be an advantage to Tam. “I think it will be positive,” Lynch said. “New ideas and fresh perspectives are good. I think it’s important that they listen and learn, as there is a lot of amazing things happening in the classrooms at Tam.”

Tam had a special significance to both Rice and Lynch. “I love Tam, it’s the place I learned how to teach and I am forever indebted to it for all the staff, students, and community have done for me,” Rice said.  “I hope I can give some of that back in the coming years.  I’m really excited to be back and to learn and grow together with a school and community that I love.”


“I will always hold a special place for Tam in my heart,” Lynch said. “It is where I began my career as an educator. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back for a third stint [at] some point in the future.”