Rob Davis Succeeds on the Court (Web Exclusive)

Rob Davis Succeeds on the Court (Web Exclusive)

By Francis Strietmann and

Senior and middle blocker of the Boys’ Varsity Volleyball team Senior Rob Davis transferred to Tam after four years at Eastside College Preparatory School, a boarding school in Palo Alto. Davis, who played basketball for five years prior, reluctantly began his volleyball career as a freshman at Eastside. “I thought it was just kind of stupid at first…I started playing just because I didn’t want to play basketball anymore,” he said.

Davis quickly realized that the skills he employed on the basketball court gave him an advantage on the volleyball court. “I started off as kind of a raw talent because I could jump up high and I was kind of tall,” he said. Last year, Davis averaged about 30 points and one nose break a game. While his individual scoreline is important to him, Davis is more concerned with how his team performs as a whole.

This year, Davis feels that Marin Catholic and Drake will be Tam’s greatest competition, and is looking forward to facing them during the regular season. According to Davis, both teams have their share of talent; however, Davis hopes that the team will improve this year, and potentially make a run at MCALs. “We haven’t won in ages,” Davis said.

Because he is a transfer student, Davis is required to sit out of games for the first four weeks of the regular season; however, he has already made an impact on the hawks record by leading his team to victory in a scrimmage against Eastside, his former school. Since the beginning of the year, Davis has successfully encouraged many of his friends to join the team, and about 85 percent of the kids on the team have never played high school volleyball before. According to Davis, the team has seen its largest roster numbers in recent history.  

Davis’ contribution to the team extends beyond his recruitment of his fellow seniors. “[Davis is] one of the only players who has volleyball experience, so he brings a good dynamic to the team that keeps it competitive,” fellow Boys’ Varsity Volleyball team member Maxi Von Welczeck said. “He acts as a player-coach, he’s basically another coach for us, I love having him on the team.” 

Davis does not yet know which school he will be attending next fall, but he hopes to continue his volleyball career wherever he ends up.