Cris Martinez

By Sophia Venables

A freshman at Tam and student in Mr. Lovejoy’s class, Cris Martinez enjoys using his imagination to create ink drawings, mostly inspired by his love of superheros. According to Lovejoy, “[Cris] loves movie premiers. He’s the guy that will let the whole class know when one is coming.” Tam drawing and painting teacher Zach Gilmour echoed that sentiment, and referenced how Martinez’s passion for superheroes shines through his artwork. “Today he was working on a Lego Batman [drawing.] He loves to use copic markers [because] it gives him lots of color choice.” Martinez attends Gilmour’s third period drawing and painting class to create art while practicing being in a larger environment with more students. Gilmour believes the class is a valuable part of Martinez’s day, stating, “This is an opportunity to give him a space and tools to express himself how he wants.” Gilmour also commented on Martinez’s artistic approach. “He works very independently. A lot of times he takes [his art] with him, or shares it with me, if he’s feeling in that mood.” Gilmour has noticed Martinez chooses to exercise his imagination during his time in the artroom. “The imagery is always out of his head, he’s not looking at something; it’s always his own interpretation. Anything you see of his art, that’s all his view [on the subject.]”

Along with his artistic talents, Lovejoy highlighted Martinez’s unique sense of humor and ability to excel in other creative outlets, such as Mr. Stanton’s fitness class. Martinez especially enjoys the yoga unit. But, as noted by both Gilmour and Lovejoy, art is one of the primary ways Martinez utilizes self-expression. Gilmour believes drawing is “giving [Cris] the room to have a visual voice.”