Craft and Dorsett Win Golden Bell Awards

By Miles Rubens and Miles Rubens

Budget secretary Carol Craft and counselor Evelyn Dorsett received Golden Bell Awards for classified and certificated staff, respectively, this year. The awards, given by the California School Boards Association (CSBA) and county offices of education, are meant to recognize excellence in education across the state of California, according to the CSBA website.

The administration and staff members worked together to decide who should be nominated for the awards, eventually deciding on Craft and Dorsett, who were then selected by the Marin County Office of Education.

Although there were many staff members nominated, Craft and Dorsett stood out as particularly worthy of this honor, according to principal JC Farr.

“Routinely when I walk by [Craft’s office] she shares her space with other teachers, she welcomes them, they come and they eat lunch in her office,” Farr said. “She’s also patient and kind working with students… it’s that welcoming of staff that builds community when people are able to come in and eat and have conversation.”

Craft, who previously won the award in 2001 while working at Lu Sutton Elementary School in Novato, was surprised to receive the award a second time.

“I was really surprised and I was pleased. I felt very honored,” Craft said. “It was very nice that I got picked.”

Dorsett, who is retiring at the end of this year, won the award for the first time.

“Ms. Dorsett is an excellent counselor. She is accessible to her students, she really advocates for them, and gets to know them and support them on an academic and socio-emotional level,” Farr said. “So I think that she deserves recognition for her contributions to Tam throughout the years.”

“I’m really excited I got it. It’s a nice recognition after being here for 23 years,” Dorsett said. “I know that the spirit behind the Golden Bell is about working with students and working in your environment… It’s something that will be a great memory.”

A ceremony will take place May 25 at Dominican University for the award winners.