Redwood Evacuated Due to Potential Bomb Threat

By Elissa Asch and Elissa Asch

Today, September 19, Redwood High School is being evacuated due to a potential bomb threat. Redwood principal David Sondheim sent out an email to all those in the Redwood community at 9:17 this morning. “RHS being evacuated due to bomb threat. Details will be posted soon as possible. Do not call school or come to school. Thx for your patience/cooperation.”

Redwood senior Natalia Dixon clarified which actions Redwood has taken since Principal Sondheim announced there was a lockdown over the loud speaker. “We went into lockdown…then heard the classrooms were going to be evacuated and [students were] brought out to the football field,” she said. “All bags [were] searched on the way out.”

The rest of the school day has been canceled, however students and faculty alike have been at the field since classrooms were evacuated. “At the very beginning…some students were nervous. I would say now that everyone is over the nervousness and we just want to leave,” Dixon said.