Back to School Dance Loses Hundreds

By Miles Rubens

Tam’s inaugural Back to School Dance, on August 25 in the student center, lost approximately $1,200 of leadership funds.

The total cost of the dance was $3,600, according to Senior Class President Gabe Tolson’s estimate, and with a $20 ticket price, they would have had to sell approximately 180 tickets in order to break even. However, according to Tolson, only around 80 people bought tickets, with some members of leadership also attending to help organize the event.

A possible explanation for the dance’s failure was the ticket price at $20. “It was too much money,” TK Dahlke, former Associated Student Body (ASB) president and current senior leadership member, said. “It should be $10 or $5.” Tolson agreed with Dahlke about the dance’s shortcomings.“I just think that it didn’t work for Tam,” he said.