Girls Varsity Tennis Defeats Marin Catholic

By Benjamin Wall-Feng

The girls’ varsity tennis team defeated Marin Catholic 9-0 at a home match on Thursday, September 28. The match was the 8th of the MCALs league, in which the team has been undefeated this season.

Junior Camilla Tarpey-Schwed is number one on this year’s strength ladder, an internal ranking of player skill. “Our team played well,” she said. “I thought that we were all on top of our game and we utilized the strategies we have been practicing to win all our matches today.”

Tam’s 9-0 score meant that its players won six singles matches and three doubles matches, which, cautioned coach Bill Washauer, shouldn’t make anyone overly cocky.

“You might beat one team close and another team badly and the next day you lose badly because the matchups are what they are,” he said. “But this year we’ve got some new blood and some people who are returning improved a lot, so we’re a good deal stronger overall than we have been for about three years.”

The team’s next match will be October 4, against Novato High School.