Threatening Graffiti Found On Campus

By Milo Levine

Graffiti that threatened harm to Tam students and staff was found in the Upper Keyser girls’ bathroom at about 1:00 p.m. on November 7. The administration was notified about the threat and promptly contacted the Mill Valley Police Department (MVPD), who are now participating in the investigation. Campus security was increased and there was an active MVPD presence on Wednesday, November 8, due to the graffiti.

School was not called off, but that was an option available to the administration throughout the day. “If, at any time, law enforcement advises us to cancel classes, [parents, students, and staff] will receive immediate notification via text, email, website, Twitter and Facebook,” Principal J.C. Farr wrote in an email to the Tam community on Tuesday.

After school on Wednesday, Farr commended the students and staff on how they handled the situation. “Our staff is doing an excellent job maintaining composure and carrying on with the teaching and learning they do so well, despite the disruption. Likewise, our students are engaged in their usual Wednesday schedules and the mood on campus is positive and strong,” he stated in an email. Only 80 percent of students attended school on Wednesday.

Since September 19, Redwood High School has received three threats of a similar nature, two in the form of graffiti, and one that surfaced on social media. This is the first school threat that Tam has received in the recent past.