Photos: Winter Rally

By Kylie Sakamoto

Tam held its annual winter rally in Gus Gym, on December 1. The rally opened with a performance by Music Together, singing Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. Music Together is a club at Tam that sings covers of songs, and is made up of students from Mr. Lovejoy’s special needs class, as well as the general student body. “It took about two months, with us meeting every other tuesday at lunch,” Libby Anderson, a senior in Music Together, said. Following their performance, two representatives from the wrestling team came down and played a game. Rezin Harris, a senior, and freshman Amin Hayat raced on boxing carts around the gym using plungers to move them back and forth. After Harris won the race, MC’s Jack Loder and Liam Shore directed the rally to the cheer team, who performed a dance to “Swalla” by Jason Derulo. “I think this was our strongest rally, it really came out phenomenally,” senior Madi Hirsch, captain of the cheer team, said. Following the performance by the cheer team, senior Ruby Bowser and junior Iliana Levine hosted a game of “Guess Who.” The two teams would pick a teacher from a list up on the projecting screen, and the other group would have to guess who they chose, by asking yes or no questions. Shore partnered with girls basketball player Kate Finn a senior to make one team, and Loder paired with Olivia Ali, a sophomore on girls basketball. The Game came to a draw after both teams conceded the win. Following “Guess Who,” it was time for boys and girls soccer to come out and play a game of human foosball. With five players on each team, the boys came out victorious, scoring five goals as the girls had four. The boys basketball team wrapped up the rally with a dance to High School Musicals “Get’cha Head in the Game,” where senior Noah Haynesworth was featured as the well known Troy Bolton, taking a “singing solo” in the center and donning a lengthy blonde wig.