Unity Poster Winners Announced


By Johanna Meezan

Art students in Drawing and Painting classes competed in a Tam High PTSA-sponsored poster contest in late December to promote Tam unity with the phrase “We Are One.” Several students, parents, grandparents, PTSA members, teachers, counselors, Tam administrators, and Mill Valley community leaders judged the posters at the Winter Art Faire. At the end of the first semester, the winners were announced. The PTSA awarded three finalists and three honorable mentions. Jax Conner’s poster, above, earned the highest number of votes and therefore will be printed by the PTSA. Currently, this is the only poster that the PTSA is planning on duplicating.

The poster contest finalists are Nikki Batroff, Nicole Foster, and Jax Connor. The honorable mentions are Anna Stuart-Friedman, Cooper Frazee, and Savanna Detjen-Creson.

The goal of the Tam Unity Poster contest was to involve and unite the Tam community, especially with groups throughout Marin who are working to encourage equity, inclusion, and acceptance in our society. The PTSA is planning to print the poster to be hung up around campus and throughout Mill Valley, and perhaps even around Marin.