TUHSD Board and Schools Respond to Parkland Shooting


By Shane Lavezzo

During the February 27 Tamalpais Union High School District Board of Trustees meeting, members of the Tam community discussed the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

Tam High student representative Jacob Renneisen commented on the school’s response. “Tam High had a vigil after the shooting at Parkland. It was very well attended. We wanted to give our full support for the students that survived. We wanted to let the families of the students that did not [survive] know that they have our thoughts and prayers,” Renneisen said.

Renneisen also explained the students’ thoughts on gun control. “We as students are very concerned about how easily accessible guns are …. Kids my age, 18, can go purchase a violent weapon and do a lot of damage. We fully support the board putting out a no guns on campus statement,” he said.

Superintendent David Yoshihara attempted to ease the anxiety of community members after the shooting. “I and our principals assure our parents that we take multiple measures to ensure our students’ safety, working closely with law enforcement, our partners at the county office, and the local resources of our excellent counselors and wellness staff,” he said.

Yoshihara explained that there are no easy answers, but expressed that conversations are happening at the local, state, and national level.

Tam held a lockdown drill on March 1.