Tam Welcomes New Faculty: Daniel Philpot


By Kara Kneasfey

New history teacher, Daniel Philpot, is sympathizing with his freshman as he also learns to navigate Tam’s campus. “[My first few weeks] have been great, a real change of pace. I was coming from a small private school and the [Tam] community has been great and the students have been really engaged so far,” Philpot said. Aside from teaching, Philpot has also been involved in athletics as well. “I coached girls soccer for the last eight years at my old school and eventually I want to try and get involved with the program here,” Philpot said. With an understanding of the success of our current girl’s soccer program, Philpot is excited to see how he can become involved. “[I want to] go out for a practice or two and see how I can get to know the program,” Philpot said.