Homecoming Dance 2018


By Logan Little, Editor in Chief

The Associated Student Body (ASB) threw this year’s homecoming dance on September 30 from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

“The dance was significantly better than some homecoming dances in the past,” senior and ASB vice president Dolan Clahan said. “Not everyone always likes the DJ, but I thought the dude this year was on it.”

Dippin’ Dots, a photo booth, and a snack bar were offered to the approximately 750 students who attended, according to ASB. In contrast to previous years, students were also able to request songs to be played at the dance via a Google form.

Freshman and ASB member Otto Reyerson said, “The participation from all grades was more apparent in this year. I feel that everyone entered and left more efficiently. Overall, better than last year.”

“I enjoyed the dance and the Dippin’ Dots were nice,” freshman Sabina Safavi said. “But the best part was the fact that the whole thing looked like a bunch of high schoolers imitating a Fortnite lobby. It was fun though.”

Photo by Logan Little.