AP Angela Gramlick plans to leave Tam


By Ian Duncanson

Assistant principal Angela Gramlick will leave Tam on December 21, the last day of the school semester, to accept a new job as principal at Ross Elementary School. The Tam community was notified of the decision in an email sent by principal J.C. Farr on Monday, December 10.

“I think quite a few administrators aspire to be in charge of their own school,” Gramlick said. “I’m no different. I’ve been working as an assistant principal for five years and I’ve loved the work that I’ve been doing and have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, knowing that eventually I would want to be in charge of my own school. [As a principal] you really can shape what kids are doing.”

Gramlick’s choice was also based on her family life.

“I am a wife and a mom, and I have kids, and working at the high school level takes a lot of time away from my family. There’s a lot of night requirements and weekend requirements, so I took that into consideration,” Gramlick said. Last year, assistant principal David Rice also left Tam to become a principal in the Ross School District.

Students and teachers have expressed their best wishes for Gramlick.

“Ms. Gramlick is a really important part of our administrative team and she’s also really important for many of our departments and for teachers here,” teacher Angela Hopper said. “I see her as an ally in my race and equity work on this campus, and just in terms of supporting me as a special education and Academic Workshop teacher. She’s really organized and she has a lot of follow through and that’s really valuable to have as a colleague and as an administrator. Those are big shoes to fill.”

“It’s very common for administrators to move forward with their careers and I wish her well,” social studies teacher Luc Chamberlin said.

The administration is working to section off Gramlick’s former students, whom she advised, to the other two assistant principals. A replacement is expected to be announced January 7.

Photo by Ethan Swope.