Tam Welcomes New Faculty: Meagan Meyer


(Courtesy of Meagan Meyers)

By Oona O'Neill

Meagan Meyer, the new Resource Specialist, spent two years out at the sea before coming to the Tam district. “I love being on the water, my husband and I actually lived on our boat for two and a half years,” Meyers said. 

Prior to joining Tam staff, Mrs. Meyer worked for eight years at Redwood as a paraeducator. Meyers learned that she loved spending time around teenagers while coaching softball. She then worked in advertising describing the experience as what moved her away from desk jobs. 

“This is my ninth year in special education. I have supported students one on one, in small groups, in the general education setting, and inside and outside of school. I started in special education as a para where I had the opportunity to collaborate with many teachers to support students. I love to learn which helps me continue to adapt and adjust to diverse student needs,” Meyers said. 

Her goals for her first year at Tam are to “connect with students and families, build rapport with teachers, learn more about/be a part of the Tam community.”

Meyers graduated from California State University, Chico and did her undergraduate work at Santa Rosa Junior College. She is now completing her masters and getting her teaching credential at Brandman University which is part of the Chapman School system. 

Meyers is passionate about her role in special education. “​I like problem-solving, collaborating, and learning. In special education, I get to do all of that every day,” she said.

When she is not providing educational instruction, Meyers enjoys spending time on the water and with her husband. She enjoys as much socializing as is possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I love working with teenagers, and so that’s what I’ve been doing ever since [coaching softball],” Meyers said.