Tam TV live-streams their first games


The official Tam TV logo. (Courtesy of Tam TV)

By Alyssa Broad, Sports Editor

A new streaming network, Tam TV, was created in September 2020 for the Tam community to watch sports — and eventually school events — online. Tam Booster’s president Jennifer McGhie, Iona Scobie, Scott Fulton, and Derick Scobie collaborated to develop Tam TV hoping to compensate for limitations impacting spectators during the coronavirus pandemic. The network is now in action live-streaming Tam sports games via their YouTube channel, “THS Athletics Athletics.”

“My idea, in the beginning, was all about sports. I mean as the booster’s president I was like … ‘What is our living legacy? What are we going to give back to Tam during my year as president?’” McGhie said. 

The Tam High Foundation and Tam Boosters provided $10,000 each in a grant to fund the project.

This year, Tam TV is focusing on live-streaming varsity games before the program is better developed and can cover JV games as well. On March 20, Tam TV live-streamed the JV football game as practice for the live-stream of the varsity football game against Redwood afterward. While only select amounts of parents were allowed in the stands, the live-streamed varsity game has amassed over 2,500 views on their YouTube channel — reaching a far greater audience than would have ever been possible physically.

Tam TV has offered every sport some sort of coverage. “We at Tam TV got a list of all the sports and all the coaches … Iona Scobie has reached out to every single sport to say, ‘Hey, do you want to be covered by Tam TV,’ McGhie said. “‘If you do want to be covered, you know at what capacity do you want to get covered?’ So there have been some sports that have politely declined.” 

Currently, Tam TV has around 25 volunteers, half of which are students. Students can commentate over games, volunteer for a specific sport, and operate equipment, “Tam TV was really developed to live-stream these events, and it was developed for the kids … We hope that what Tam TV does is provide an opportunity for kids to do things that are fun,” McGhie said.

Senior Ella Bogan was asked to help out with Tam TV back in September 2020.

“Ella Bogan has been kind of on our team doing all the marketing and Instagram postings … She does field hockey and football and all of that and takes the links and things like that and gets them on Instagram and Twitter so that then people can click in [to the games],” McGhie said. 

Both Mcghie and Bogan see the network as something that will continue for years to come. “[Tam TV] has the ability to work into the future because even from a parent’s perspective, parents travel on game days. To be able to click into [games] with modern technology and be able to stream these events I think is just so cool,” McGhie said.

“I’m just excited to see where it goes. I think it’s a really valuable thing that Tam could use for the future,” Bogan said.

If you are a student interested in helping Tam TV, please fill out this interest form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScBoLziWgQu7xLXjp2JT0D8JCx1x0cUEHxgzSGR01WqfMJoJw/viewform

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