The Noble Cow Creamery


(Eloise Weir)

By Eloise Weir

Noble Cow Creamery, the new ice cream store in Strawberry Village, has big shoes to fill as it takes over the storefront that Woody’s Yogurt Place used to occupy. Woody’s was a town favorite and associated with nothing but good memories for kids in Mill Valley. My memories include post-school scoops, team bonding, and celebrations of all varieties. While reflecting on the great memories that Woody’s brought, I concluded that I can’t write a fair review without a comparison between the classic Woody’s Yogurt Place and the new Noble Cow Creamery.
Many people would agree that part of Woody’s charm was its classic homey feeling. Unfortunately, Noble Cow Creamery has yet to present itself in the same light. The venue has a very bland look, as if it is unfinished. The description of “unfinished” comes from the fact that there was a lack of decoration on the adjacent walls of the menu. The unfinished look could be attributed to the storefront only being opened in recent months, or maybe it’s just what they are going for. The display of toppings was also lacking, as the small amount of available toppings were sitting sadly in the corner away from the view of the customers.
I believe that great ice cream places are established when they have outstanding mint chocolate chip ice cream. So, of course, that was my go-to flavor when ordering at Noble Cow Creamery. I thought that the flavor of their “Mint Cookie” ice cream was fantastic, and the recipe was most definitely creamy. However, it might have been slightly too creamy. From the initial scoop out of the display container, the mint cookie flavor presented as a soft custard rather than a scoop of cold ice cream. Although I was disappointed about the sloppy-looking and soupy consistency, I thought that the flavor was the perfect ratio between mint and cookie. The other flavor I tried was “Brown Sugar Cinnamon.” I took a step out of my comfort zone trying this flavor, as I usually go with the classics, but I was not disappointed. Unlike the “Mint Cookie,” the “Brown Sugar Cinnamon” was formed like real ice cream and kept its shape very well. I would describe the taste as a stronger snickerdoodle cookie, which also happens to be my favorite. Overall, all the flavors on the menu were very intriguing to me, and I was very happy with my mint cookie and brown sugar cinnamon choices. However, I would hope to see improvement regarding the melty-ness of the “Mint Cookie.”
The people of Mill Valley will remember Woody’s Yogurt Place fondly for its community values and the memories associated with it. Noble Cow Creamery has a tough act to follow, but I believe that they will please the crowd, and eventually have them asking for more. I recommend supporting this new Noble Cow Creamery as its prices are affordable, its ice cream flavors are unique, and it has the potential to be the next community spot. I believe that with time, Noble Cow Creamery could rise to the bar that Woody’s has set and exceed that bar with its unique, delicious, and noble flavors.