Top Boy Review


By Alexander Schnedecker, Reporter

If you’re interested in a Netflix drama series full of action, I strongly recommend watching “Top Boy.” 

The show is focused around several British drug dealers battling to rise to the top. The series begins with one of my favorite characters, Dushane, helping out his cousin he lived with in Jamaica, who got involved with the wrong people. Dushane is set to make up the money his captured cousin owed to save him. He attempts to do so by leaving Jamaica and returning to his home neighborhood Summerhouse, in London, England, where he must battle to the top to eventually become top boy. This is under the promise to Sugar, his cousin’s captor, that he will make many more sales in London. 

This proves to be a very difficult task due to one of the main characters, Jamie, a younger rival dealer. Jamie plays the role of the cool young gangster who many people see as the protagonist. He became the leader of his gang, the ZT crew, following the imprisonment of Modie, their former leader. He has a very ambitious goal­—to monopolize the local drug supply. 

To complete his task, Dushane must reunite with his old crew in Summerhouse and find his partner-in-crime, Sully. 

Sully is my absolute favorite character because he is extremely calm and intelligent, while also being a ruthless gangster who always gets the job done. He is the definition of the infamous phrase “it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” Each episode sparks a new conflict that will leave you on the edge of your seat and wanting to binge-watch all night. 

Another key character is Jaq. She is one of the most bad-ass characters in the story. Jaq plays by her rules. She is part of Dushane’s crew and is incredibly loyal.

 The series is very well done, and mainly takes place in Hackney and Summerhouse, deep inside London. The show portrays the issues facing Britain’s youth and how tempting the drug trade can be to escape poverty. 

My favorite thing about the show is how realistic it is. You really feel like you’re on the harsh streets with the characters. 

Additionally, I enjoy how “Top Boy” follows both storylines of the two gangs. Aside from the drug clash, the story follows a single-pregnant mother who takes a gamble on growing a marijuana  farm in order to support her and her unborn child. Meanwhile, another main character, Ra’Nell, has to help with his sick mom whose been taken into care, while he attempts to stay on a good path and not get involved in all the crime taking place around him. 

I strongly recommend that you listen to the sound track of the show. Prior to watching the series, I had never listened to British rap—often referred to as drill—but now listen to it on a daily basis. The strong English accent on the hard rap beats is very unique and unlike Bay Area music. 

If you find yourself with some free time, give “Top Boy” a try and hopefully you will have the same experience as myself. ♦