Protests held over San Rafael police brutality

By Kelsey Cook

There was a protest regarding the incident of police brutality in San Rafael at the San Rafael City Council on Sept. 4 and Sept. 16.

Protesters held signs reading things such as “Justicia para Mateo Latino es Unidos,” calling for justice for the victim of the violent arrest five days after the bodycam video from the incident came out to the public.  

The incident of police brutality occurred on July 27, when the San Rafael police spotted a man from San Rafael with an open can of beer.  As seen in the video, posted to ABC News, the officers told him to grab his ID, and he responded in Spanish and English saying he had to stand up to grab his wallet as they requested. The police quickly responded by asking him to sit down, and then forcefully pushed him into a headlock, looking as though they were banging his head repeatedly against the cement.

 The man asked to stay anonymous so he is currently being given the name Mateo. As a result of the violent arrest, he wound up with a broken nose and a concussion. Mateo’s lawyer Charles Dresow is requesting a criminal investigation into the officers and the district attorney.  

Dresow sent a letter to the Marin district attorney requesting the officers involved in Brandon Nail and Daisy Mazariegos encounter a criminal investigation, according to KRON4.