Hawks of the Issue: February



By Cody Duane-McGlashan

Jenna May: Girls Varsity Basketball

Jenna May

Position: Shooting guard and power forward.

Style of Play: “My main focus is to get everyone involved in every play as much as possible. I also like to drive to the basket when the jump shot isn’t open. I’m not really afraid of anything when I’m playing. I’m up for any challenge.”

Experience: “I first picked up a basketball when I was around 5 years old.”

Team Dynamics: “We have all really developed a strong bond with each other. We are very cohesive together and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Training: “I cross train with volleyball in the fall but I still focus on basketball. I go to the MVMS courts and shoot around and do some drills for a couple hours on the weekends.”

Avg. Points per Game: 11.7

Avg. Rebounds per Game: 6.7


Clay Griebel-Thorpe: Boys Varsity Basketball

Clay Griebel-Thorpe

Position: Small forward.

Style of Play: “[As a scorer], I like to get to the rim, or shoot the outside jump shot.”

Experience: “I’ve been playing since I was in 3rd grade. I went to a small school, and I played CYO with a lot of kids from Bolinas.”

Training: “I’m a gym rat, so I train and practice whenever I have the opportunity. I train every day for as long as I can. Every summer, lots of people, including European pros, come out to Stinson and play in pick-up games.”

Avg. Points per Game: 13.2

Avg. Steals per Game: 1.5