What are Tam clubs up to?


By Claire Lawson

Interact- Valentines Cards

The Interact Club at Tamalpais High School is hosting a series of events to make Valentine’s Day cards for senior citizens living at The Redwoods retirement home. 

Interact, which is a community-service based club, is hoping to make at least 100 cards for The Redwoods, which houses over 300 seniors. 

“The cards don’t have to be anything fancy, just a nice design and a short, sweet message,” co-president of Interact Eleanor Octavio said. The cards will be mixed in with cards made by students throughout the Mill Valley School District, and delivered to the Redwoods on Feb. 14. 

“Seniors at the Redwoods don’t always get Valentine’s Day cards, so we are making them from the Tam community so they know they are seen and appreciated by Tam High,” Octavio said. 

Interact will be hosting meetings every week up until Valentine’s Day to make cards.


Make a Splash

The Make a Splash Club at Tamalpais High School has started selling swim caps and bracelets to raise money for free swim lessons for underprivileged kids. The club fundraises for its parent program, also named Make a Splash, which is a water safety initiative created by the USA Swimming Foundation. It offers swim lessons to kids that can not afford them otherwise, and aims to prevent drowning deaths throughout the country.

“As we’ve been doing the past few years, we’re selling merchandise with the Make a Splash logo on them, this year being caps and bracelets, to both raise money and bring awareness to the organization,” co-president of Make a Splash, Teddy Chin, said. 

Since the club’s inception three years ago, the club has raised over $2,000, paying for over 50 swim lessons for kids within the community. This year, the club hopes to raise $500. 

“Learning to swim is so important, it could save someone’s life, and there are so many kids who don’t have the resources to be able to get lessons,” Chin said. “By raising money for [Make a Splash], I feel like we’re making a difference.”


Music Together

Music Together is a club at Tamalpais High School that consists of around 20 students, a blend of Michael Lovejoy’s special education class and other Tam students. The club is preparing to perform at Tamalpais High School’s upcoming neon rally on Jan. 27.  

They meet every Tuesday during lunch to eat, play games, and most importantly, learn songs, which they often perform at school rallies. 

“Some people play instruments, and everyone sings along to the song that we’ve chosen.” co-president of Music Together, Ella Emison, said. Most recently, they are planning on performing at Tam’s upcoming neon rally, which took place on Jan. 27. 

“It [Music Together] is a really great way to interact with people you wouldn’t usually interact with,”  Emison said. “We make connections, and it’s really fun and I recommend coming if you have the chance.”


Junior Ambassadors


The Junior Ambassadors Club at Tamalpais High School will be hosting a Valentine’s Day bake sale to raise money for the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. The club raises money to provide support for all non-medical related services at the hospital. 

“So all funding goes to  anything that isn’t involved in the actual treatment for patients. Some examples are the teen lounge and art and music therapy,” co-president of Junior Ambassadors, Alexa Wong, said. 

“We do our Valentine’s bake sale every year, and it always does pretty well,” she said. “Club members bake all their own goods and then work shifts at the actual bake sale, all for community service hours.” 

On top of bake sales, the club has created supply-drives to help bring necessary materials to the hospital. The bake sale will take place Valentine’s Day weekend at The Depot in Downtown Mill Valley.