Tam High Mock Trial wins County for 17th year in a row

By Maggie Whalen

On Saturday, February 4th, Tam High Mock Trial competed in the final round of the Marin County Mock Trial Championship against Terra Linda High School. Tam won by 2.5 out of 1,200 possible points. This was their 17th consecutive win at the Marin County Championship.

Special awards went to Henna Arvind, Hannah Holiday, Miriam Lester, Oliver Ramin, Elena Riccardi, Ivy Ryan, Markita Schulman, Claudia Shapiro and Lindsey Sloan.

“Some might say that I should feel relieved because we maintained the 16 year legacy, that we weren’t the year to lose it,” said senior and co-captain Oliver Ramin. “Surprisingly, that isn’t the common emotion. We are joyous, exhilarated. Our toil for the past six months led to victory, and there really isn’t anything better than that.”

“We won because every single person rose to an entirely new level of excellence,” said senior and co-captain Elena Riccardi. “In that trial you could see every hour, every minute of preparation and hard work shine through in each person’s performance. I was so proud to be on Tam High Mock Trial, I was so proud to be working with everyone on the team, and I am still so, so proud of everyone.”

The team will continue on to the state competition in March.

“Our outcome at state is a lot more subject to random luck,” said sophomore Rachael Ferm. “But if we keep on working hard and go in with the same determination and attitude we held going into county, we have fairly high chances.”

“This year the team is so bonded and filled with wonderful people. We have done so well already that….I know we are going to do amazing at state,” said Riccardi. “State is a big deal.”