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New parking lot results in surplus

Over the past few years, parking has been a constant problem at Tamalpais High School. In attempts to dissolve this issue, Tam received a grant of $495,000 for the construction of a new temporary parking lot on Sep. 5, 2023. Upon reviewing the Tam board meeting agenda and supporting documents I uncovered that the new estimated cost of the temporary parking lot is only $236,639. This raises the question: where would the extra quarter million dollars be best spent? 

The new temporary parking lot is adjacent to the football field and has a lifespan of 4 years, as that is when the new pool parking lot construction is scheduled to finish. The space in which the temporary lot is built will become a potential option for the new $90 million math building that will replace the current deteriorating one next to the amphitheater. 

 It seems everyone has a differing opinion on where the extra money should go. Newly elected junior-class treasurer Oskar Armour had this to say on the matter:

“I think it’s always great to reinvest back into our students and our community, especially in resources such as the wellness center, school supplies for students who maybe can not afford it, and paying the teachers more,” Armour said.

Armour makes a strong point about teacher pay. I too feel the money is needed for teacher pay, a recurring issue all across America. It seems this year in particular teachers have been overwhelmed with the increase of students in each class. With an increase in students and a lack of teachers, many programs are becoming harder and harder to be a part of. 

“During the first few days of school I had to sit on the floor of my AP Comp class,” said Ethan Heidenreich, a junior at Tam.  Although this arrangement didn’t last for long, it is still a testament to the overfilling classrooms. With a shortage of teachers, problems like these are becoming more prevalent and should be brought to light. In my eyes, this also connects to the scheduling problems that occurred at the start of the year and seem to still be an issue. Although it seems the money is needed for these issues, Tam now has plans to create a new math building as mentioned above. 

Thirty-year Tam employee and current campus supervisor Ralph Wilson thinks the money is needed to improve classrooms to better the learning of the students. “I think [classroom] 2020 needs to be upgraded as well as some of the technology in these classes. In some of these classrooms maybe some better desks as well, I would start there though,” Wilson said.

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