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Gabby Hoeberichts: Senior Class President


Gabby Hoeberichts ran for senior class president in her junior year and was elected in spring 2023. She saw the presidency as an opportunity to make an impact on the senior class. “[Senior] year is really important for all of us and I hoped that if I were able to get into a leadership role, I would be able to plan events and support my class in a way that would make senior year amazing for everyone,” Hoeberichts said.

In the past, Hoeberichts has participated in leadership roles through her soccer team, internships, work, and group projects with peers. She is currently involved in interning with Find Your Way and The Restrictive Covenant. Find Your Way is an organization that Hoeberichts co-founded with a group of kids in Marin County.

The group works with the Marin County Board of Supervisors to provide resources and outreach to youth. The Restrictive Covenant is an organization that creates resource guides and lesson plans to implement in the Marin County School District that better educates kids on housing discrimination and racially restrictive covenants. Additionally, she plays soccer on the top Marin Football Club team for her age group and for Tam girls’ varsity soccer.

Matthew LemMon, social studies teacher and 2024’s junior and senior class advisor, has had the chance to work closely with Hoeberichts over the past couple of years. 

“She is willing to hear everyone out, which I think is really important,” LemMon said. “If someone brings something to the table that maybe she doesn’t agree with, she still listens to their idea and tries to figure out if there is a way to use it or how to spin it so that it works.” 

Maren Jones, senior vice president, has the same goals as Hoeberichts for their senior year. “I feel like [we] have a similar mindset, let’s all get our work done, work before play,” she said. “We are going to focus on school and then we are going to make sure that the senior class has so much fun and that we are super united and active on spirit days” 

According to both LemMon and Jones, Hoeberichts knows how to successfully lead people and she is using her skills to make this last year a great one for seniors at Tam. Hoeberichts has already organized a senior sunset, at which the seniors painted their cars with slogans about senior year. She has many more activities planned for the year, but is also aware that the senior class has a lot of work currently, especially with college applications being due soon.

“I know everyone is really stressed out right now about college. Our senior events are going to get off the ground after everyone is done with this college process, but I still hope to be able to support everyone through this process,” Hoeberichts said. 

“Right now we are focusing on senior hoodies which we hope to get out by next week, they will be custom for our senior class,” she explained. “Our biggest events are towards the end of the year. This includes prom, senior night, grad night, which we are hoping to be a blast.”

“She is super smart. She is going to do really cool stuff and the seniors are really lucky that she is willing to do all that work for them,” LemMon said.

With all of the positive comments Hoeberichts has received, the seniors seem to have an exciting year to look forward to.


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