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The best study spots in Mill Valley


Study environments have a profound effect on students, especially in high school. It’s important for one to have a quiet and comfortable environment where students can do their absolute best. It’s great to mix up the homework situation, moving away from studying on your bed or at your desk. As a person’s ability to retain information can be affected by factors, such as noise, lighting, and temperature, separating your homework environment from that environment of peace and quiet can greatly help one’s concentration and motivation habits. 

I’ve created and reviewed a simplified and curated list of the best study spots in close proximity to Tamalpais High School, whether it be a local cafe, public library, or even a park. Bring your friends and study at the following places. 

Starting off strong with a great local café, the Depot Café and Bookstore located in downtown Mill Valley has an excellent ambiance and a cozy book section in the back. It also has an amazing variety of beverages and baked goods, including freshly made sandwiches and drinks. This small secluded spot is great for focusing on your given task at hand. The relaxing environment is especially beneficial during the colder months that are approaching. 

“What I enjoy most about the Depot is being able to order a warm cup of coffee while doing my homework,” Tam sophomore Annie Payne said. Another beneficial component of the Depot is the small bookstore in the back of the store. You can look at books for inspiration, or even if you just need a break from working. 

Next up is the Mill Valley Public Library, surrounded by beautiful redwood forests and a darker atmosphere. The library is a perfect place to study. Not only are you surrounded by multitudes of information, but you are also able to motivate yourself in a quiet place. Libraries are free to attend, with free internet and an exceptionally fantastic place to access information, provided by computers and books.  The Mill Valley library is the perfect spot to do homework as it’s ideal to host a study group.  The table space, couches, and other classmates make the Mill Valley library great for studying. 

“I love being surrounded by the redwood trees, and the dark atmosphere helps me concentrate,” junior Isabelle Brenon said. Large libraries tend to have trained staff who can point out resources you wouldn’t be able to find on your own. Libraries are targeted to motivate you to do your best and continue working with little to no further interruptions. 

Studying and doing homework doesn’t have to be a bad thing. By changing up your environment and who you are surrounded by it can greatly improve your studying habits and overall results. One can make it an enjoyable experience by switching up where they study and who they study with.

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