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Only 32 percent of the senior auction goal has been met

Only $9,492 of the expected $30,000 goal was reached in the annual senior auction. What does this mean for senior prom and the senior trip?

Tamalpais High School opened their annual senior auction on Dec. 15 for the first time since before COVID-19. Usually, it is an in-person event for parents to attend, but this year it was being run through an auction site, 32auctions, which is an online platform that allows individuals to host silent auctions. The event takes place from Dec. 15 to Jan. 26.

This year, Tam senior and Associated Student Body (ASB) President Emma Friedman-Lowenthal ran the auction with Senior Class President Gabby Hoebrichts. 

“The senior class online auction is a crucial fundraiser that will contribute to memorable experiences for our graduating seniors. These funds will be used to organize a memorable prom, graduation ceremony, and other special senior festivities,” Hoeberichts said.  

The auction works through the process of generous community members donating items or experiences for Tam parents to bid on. These offerings are then uploaded to the auction website, and once the auction is over, a winner is selected for each item. Every item that is submitted for the auction is bid on, so no items are turned away.

There are 30 diverse items to choose from, including a bottle of 202 Vitesse Napa Valley Cabernet, a 75-minute massage, a two-hour cruise around San Francisco Bay, two tickets to a Giants home game, and more. 

“The purpose of the senior auction is to raise money for the senior class in order to make prom and the senior trip more affordable, accessible, and equitable to all students,” Friedman-Lowenthal said. 

However, only 31.6 percent of the planned goal was met, which has effects on both prom and the senior trip. Only $9,492 of the hoped $30,000 was raised. The senior class now plans to find other ways of raising money for senior events or lowering their prices. Cheaper alternatives to prom and the senior trip may need to be taken into account if not enough money is raised.

“For Tam to not get enough money to support our senior year activities is kind of nerve-racking and disappointing. I think we need to figure out a way to fundraise that is more efficient than the auction,” senior Skye Guyot said.  

Leadership has also held other events like restaurant fundraisers, at locations including Juice Girl in Mill Valley and World Wrapps in Corte Madera, which have raised over $500.

“We want [students and parents] to know that our main goal is to make sure that every graduating senior gets the same fun opportunities, and the only way to ensure this is by raising enough money so that we can make ticket prices attainable to all,” Friedman-Lowenthal said. 

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