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Women’s Spotlight at Tam

Entering March, Tamalpais High School students also enter Women’s History Month: a time to celebrate, commemorate, and learn about the women who have shaped society through their contributions and unique femininity. 

Many girls at Tam are attempting to shape the community in their own authentic ways while expanding the progression of the communities they are in. In this piece, they are highlighted and observed for the work they have put into their programs.

Courtesy of Emma Freidman-Lowenthal

Student Government: Emma Friedman-Lowenthal

“As women leaders we come from a different perspective because we have different strengths,” senior and Associated Student Body (ASB) president Emma Friedman Lowenthal said.

Lowenthal has been actively involved in Tam’s community as a girls’ varsity basketball captain to president of Tam’s Protect Women’s Reproductive Rights club. Through her leadership, she has learned new skills in and out of Tam. 

“With this year, things started out a little bumpy … One thing I have realized is important is making sure our student body feels supported,” Lowenthal said. 

Courtesy of Jordan Harrosh

Extracurricular: Jordan Harrosh

Junior Jordan Harrosh, newly elected ASB president for the 2024-25 school year and founder of Tam’s first-ever Women’s Union Club, has been working to collectively highlight girls at Tam. The club aims to uplift female students with supportive and unified platforms. 

“[Women’s Union] is a place for girl students to talk about what they want to do at Tam, feel safe, and go somewhere to talk about any issues and not have to be the face of that issue,” Harrosh said.

Taking on her term as ASB president, Harrosh has worked with other Leadership students to put together Tam’s new Women’s History Month Marketplace. At the marketplace, women in the Marin community have a chance to speak about their experiences in the workforce as women. 

“The [women’s panel] will be talking about their times in the workforce and the challenges they have dealt with and overcome,” Harrosh added.

Courtesy of Ayla Koch

Athletics: Ayla Koch Bergren 

Junior Ayla Koch Bergren is the reigning Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) track and field champion for the shot put event. Currently, she is ranked first in shot put and discus in MCAL. This year Bergren was named a captain and took on the responsibility of assisting other athletes. 

“It’s been a bit of a struggle trying to manage my own training and pay attention to what others are doing,” Bergren said. 

With varying gender stereotypes in track and field, Bergen describes how proud she is for girls taking on the male-dominated events. 

“A lot of the events I do are somewhat seen as men’s events. But a lot more girls are trying it this year and I really appreciate the amount of effort they put into it and being able to coach girls in [shot put],” Bergren said.

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