Tyga “Careless World, Rise of the Last King”

By Aaron Vad

I’ll be honest, I did not go in to this album with high expectations. In my eyes, Tyga, the new Young Money rapper from Compton, seemed like another weak mainstream rapper who got way too much support from “rap” fans around the world. His newest release is “Careless World, Rise of the Last King.” Tyga crammed a guest appearance from every hot new artist blowing up the radio, featured on almost every one of his songs. An economically smart decision on his part, but it ultimately did not make the music any better. The album contains a whopping 23 tracks. I will say now that more than 75% are estrogen filled love songs.

The first song “Lil Homie (feat. Pharrell), was alright. The beat sounded like a corny marching band from the movie Drumline, but Tyga spoke on some real issues. However, once the track ended and “Muthaf**ka Up” came on, the album took a nosedive.

To sum up, this song consists of a repetitive baseline with high pitched yodeling in the back round. To make it even better, Nicki Minaj comes in with weak rhymes, bragging about how her man’s genitals are very big. Nice on Nicki. After this, there is not much left in the album.

I wasn’t exaggerating when I stated that almost every track is a cuddly kitten love type song. “Do it all”, “For the Fame” , “Far Away”, “This Is Like”, “Love Game”, “Light Dreams” and “Still Got It,” in literally every single one of these songs, Tyga is spilling corny diary rhymes about how heartbroken and love sick he is.

Then “Rack City” drops and Tyga raps about throwing money on girls boobs and telling them to get out of his car, and making them walk boulevards. The conflicting views on this album baffled me. The only song worth listening to was “Kings and Queens,” and only because the beat wasn’t another corny mainstream reproduction and it featured Nas.

In conclusion, Tyga is not close to being a King in the rap game, he’s not even a pawn. He dropped a huge album with 23 songs and all he did was whine. His two hit singles “Rack City” and “Faded” were on the track list, but every person and their grandmother has heard those songs a million times over the radio. If you’re a Young Money fan, you’ll probably love this garbage, but if you have any respect for hip hop in general don’t go near Tyga’s Careless World, its toxic.